About Us

Market Insight Out is a platform that leverages technology to create better marketing alignment between the manager, advisor, and investor.

Our Purpose

To help investors make better investment decisions.

Our Vision

To be the premier digitally-powered client engagement platform for wealth and investment managers.

Our Mission

To leverage the power of thought leadership and technology to create more personalized advisor and client relationships.


MIO was formed in August 2018. At the intersection of data science and marketing, MIO’s proprietary technology provides investment managers and advisors tools to aggregate, filter, curate, and distribute thought leadership while providing analytics that help address investor needs and interests.

The firm was founded as part of the TIFIN Group, which launches and invests in fintech companies in the areas of investment management, investment advisory, and personal finance.

Our Team

Our team has experience from several relevant industries including investment management, investment advisory, media and publishing, social media, technology, and academia.

We are supported by a group of advisors and investors who started or managed firms within investment management, payments, and search.

Our Industry

The investment consumer is searching for engagement with their investments. The investment advisor is overwhelmed by the need to maintain a relevant digital presence. The investment management industry is under pressure from an increasingly crowded landscape. As a result, the dialogue between managers, advisors, and investors has never been more important.  MIO provides solutions to create better marketing alignment between managers and advisors to serve investors.

Investment managers can reinforce growth with targeted access to advisors and data analytics that highlight marketing differentiation. Investment advisors can reinforce growth by using MIO to aggregate, curate, and distribute investment-related insight that resonates with existing and prospective clients.
The consumer dialogue is increasingly digital, why should financial services be any different?